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9:00 am

Administrative Council

1:30 pm

Working Committee

Working Committee  Hour: 1:30pm  a 3:30 pm  Place:  Hall A – Hotel Hilton

3:45 pm

Meeting with Ex presidents

Meeting with Ex-presidents  Hour: 3:45 pm a 4:30 pm  Place:  Sapphire Lounge – Hotel Hilton

8:00 pm

Opening Cocktail:

Opening Cocktail:  Hour: 8:00 pm.  Place:  Hotel Hilton.  Dress code:  Casual (Tropical Suit or Guayabera)

9:30 am

High Risk for Human Life: Drug Counterfeiting

10:45 am

Sneaky criminals: Counterfeiting through the web, notice and take down

For counterfeiters, the Internet has become a versatile tool for developing illicit business of spurious products. The constant evolution of technology and modalities for online shopping, represent an ongoing challenge for trademark owners against the ease with which you can access forgery. Through the web, counterfeiters have access to the whole world and do not need to be located in one or more physical points to lead forgery to the consumer.  They can also use photographs and advertising of lawful products to promote counterfeit goods, delivered to the consumer when it has made a purchase. In turn, consumers (of all sizes, from the individual, to the retail chains) can access via the Internet various sources and acquire, consciously or unconsciously, ...

Lorenzo Litta
Travis D. Johnson
IACC - United States
Rocío Martínez Houssay
Mercado Libre - Argentina
Juan Luis Gracia
Moderator - Spain
12:00 am


12:00 am – 12:30 pm  Break  Foyer Room BC

12:30 pm

It is not what it seems: Counterfeiting of Garments and Accessories

The garment industry, watches and accessories, is a segment that works with great effort to make their products stand out in a highly competitive market. Positioning a brand in the mind of consumers and the general public, through multimillion investments through quality and advertising, among other means, becomes vulnerable due to counterfeiting. Unfortunately, there is a segment of consumers who consciously produces demand for spurious goods, which encourages unscrupulous people to reproduce brands and the products they protect, particularly brands that the public values ​​and in many cases, those that have become aspirational brands. Counterfeiting not only shifts the sale of the legal product, thereby generating significant damage to companies, local economies and the market in general, but seriously damages ...

Neil Narriman
Puma - Germany
Estela Mariel de Luca
React Latinamerica - Argentina
Glendeline Croes
Moderator - Aruba
1:45 pm

What is being done globally? International Efforts to Combat Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is an international criminal practice; fake products exceed the physical boundaries between countries and have become an industry in which organized crime is involved. Counterfeiting threatens the security and economy of the countries and world trade; threatens health, physical integrity and lives of people worldwide. Hence the States, international organizations (such as WIPO, WTO and WCO), INTERPOL and rights holders and consumers’ associations, have to unite work and resources to combat it. Many efforts at bilateral, regional or multinational level result in agreements to be incorporated and implemented by the countries participating in them; these agreements also influence other aspects of bilateral, regional and multilateral relations. It is important, therefore, for an intellectual property attorney, to know these instruments ...

Todd Reves
United States Embassy - Mexico City
Henry Camacho Montenegro
DIJIN National Police - Colombia
Franklin Hoet
Moderator - Venezuela
3:30 pm

Meeting with Local Associations

Place: Sapphire Room, Hilton Hotel

6:30 pm

Firm Reception / Century Trade Mark Agencies N.V.

Place: House of Mosaic Schotlandstraat # 4, Oranjestad Aruba Dress Code: Smart Casual Buses Departure: 06.15hs    Main Lobby Hilton Hotel Return to Hotel 9.15hs   Own transportation : House of Mosaic has free Valet Parking  (expenses under Event organizers) Additional details Social event Networking Canapees, food, dessert Supreme premium open bar Musical entertaintment   RSVP before march 11, 2016  email: [email protected]

9:00 am

How to prove Counterfeit? Research Techniques and Generating Evidence on Counterfeit

10:45 am

Common problems facing the Court in cases of counterfeiting (Experts, Evidence)

On many occasions, the efforts of trademark owners or public forces to demonstrate counterfeiting, ends up being rejected or questioned by the courts. The processes of generating evidence and expert reports are often required with formal requirements that make nugatory the probative effort; in others, the procedural requirements make it very burdensome, all this resulting in a benefit for the counterfeiter. Panelists will present challenges and constraints that have confronted in their experience or identified in their practice before courts when it comes to support expert testimony or evidence. Room BC

Diego Farreras
Argentina - Luis Vuitton Malletier
Ricardo Gordó Llobell
Moderator - Argentina
12:00 pm


12:00 pm – 12:30 pm  Break  Foyer Room BC


Consumers in Danger: Counterfeiting Consumer Products

As in the case of medicinal products, consumers are in a highly vulnerable position before counterfeit consumer products. In this product segment, are, among others, the products we use for our personal hygiene, drinks and food. Consuming a counterfeit product of this segment can have a direct impact on our physical integrity, our health and our lives. These fakes can easily reach wholesale and retail business and be in convenience stores; they can be treats and beverages available to children; they can be deodorants and tooth pastes. Panelists will share case studies and experiences on the practices of counterfeiters about consumer products and how companies seek to incorporate aspects that make it difficult to counterfeit the product or packaging; the ...

Ivette Goldfrank
Estados Unidos
Fernando Triana
Triana, Uribe & Michelsen - Bogotá
Juanita Acosta
Moderator - Colombia
1:30 pm

Kidnapping of Trademarks on the Internet: Cybersquatting

Counterfeiters as well as unfair competitors, seek to parasitically profit of the efforts of others. Thus, on the Internet, counterfeiters and unfair traders have implemented occupying and registering domains, in some cases identical and in others very similar, so that consumers, when doing online search, reach their sites, diverting the consumer’s initial interest or providing fake products. The domain name system is independent of the trademark system in each country, as well as globally. This has required significant efforts on the initiative of the owners of trademarks and other intellectual property rights with the Internet Society, ICANN and international organizations, including the WIPO. This approach resulted in an objective cooperation in order to have mechanisms to reverse the use of ...

Brian J. Winterfeldt
Mayer Brown LLP - United States
Paul McGrady
Winston & Strawn - United States
James Palmer
Moderator - Canada
5:00 pm

Closing Carnival Aruba

5.00 pm Closing Carnival Aruba

Venue: Hotel Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino.

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino a beachfront hotel overlooking the spectacular Caribbean coastline. Enjoy an unforgettable stay at our resort located in Palm Beach, with activities and luxurious services.

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