Workshop: Digital Medicine - ASIPI Buenos Aires 2016

Workshop: Digital Medicine

Digital Medicine is a term used to refer to the integration of digital technologies into the research, development and commercialization activities in the medical area. Its scope comprehends the enhancement of interactions with health care professionals, payors and regulatory authorities, and the improvement of outcomes for patients.

Digital technologies can include wearable sensors, electronics integrated in drug delivery or diagnostic devices, mobile applications and/or telehealth remote patient monitoring and support platforms.

An area very closely linked to digital medicines is big data. Companies controlling data collection will very likely be in the best position to also control innovation in this area. Also the incidence of social media in this area is considerable and can be used to raise awareness and facilitate discussions.

In case you have clients from the pharmaceutical, biotech, electronics or data collection area we highly recommend you attend this workshop which will shed some light into current developments and legal questions arising.


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