Where to acquire Argentinian pesos?

Exchange houses or banks are the best places to make a reliable, transparent and secure transaction.


In downtown Buenos Aires, it is very likely to find people who offer the sale/buy of foreign currency: the so-called “little trees”. The risk involved in wanting to exchange money in this way is very high, as they may be exposed to any kind of scam. Therefore, this mechanism it is not recommended.

Where to obtain information on the exchange rates?

To learn how the different currencies are traded each day, you can visit exchange houses and banks or check online at sites like:


How much money to exchange?

It is advisable to perform exchange transactions of small amounts because the value of the currencies against the Argentinian peso is very variable. This way, you can also take advantage of the cash for better exchange in commercial establishments.


What to do with the pesos you have left?

If the amount is large, it is recommended to exchange it in an official office or bank. If the amount is less than $ 1000 it is advisable to spend it on transportation (to the airport, bus terminal, etc.) or buy some souvenirs.

More recommendations
Several restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, among others, offer a more convenient exchange rate if paying with cash dollars (dollar bill).
Tax Refund (Tax Free Shopping): Foreign tourists can ask for VAT refund on purchases of domestically produced goods more than $ 70 (seventy Argentinian pesos) made in the country in shops operating with the Tax Free system “Global Blue Argentina”.

To make this refund, you have to follow these steps:
1. At the store: request for the reimbursement form.

2. At the Argentinian Customs: upon leaving the country, at any Argentinian Customs office (in airports, river ports and border posts), you may show the bills together with your purchases and your passport.
3. Tax Refund Collection: may be in cash, credit card or bank check.