Local, national and international calls:
Telephone numbers for the City of Buenos Aires have eight digits. Local calls do not require any dialing prefix, except in the case of cellular telephones (15 prefix is ​​prepended and then 8 digits are dialed). For calls within the country, you have to dial 0 and then the area code and local number. And for international, dial 00 before the international phone number. For those who want to call the City of Buenos Aires from abroad, they must precede the local number prefix (+54 11), or (+54 9 11) if it is a cell or mobile phone.
Phone cards or prepaid:
For those wishing to rent a cell or mobile phone while in the city, they can opt for a prepaid calling card service, which are purchased in kiosks and telephone booths.
Internet and telephone booths:
In all districts of the city there are booths, which are businesses that offer the service of phone calls and Internet access. Calls are billed according to the destination and duration, while Internet service is usually charged every 15 minutes.