Gabriel Kleiman - ASIPI Buenos Aires 2016

Gabriel Kleiman

Pfizer Inc. - United States

Curriculum Vitae

Gabriel Kleiman oversees IP efforts for Pfizer’s business in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to ensure protection of the company’s product portfolio. Gabriel also advises on IP policy matters working to promote global policies that ensure healthy innovation and economic and business growth. Gabriel manages complex transactions for Pfizer’s global business, especially for deals involving public private partnerships (PPPs). In parallel, Gabriel is active in public/private dialogue and industry groups to support rational innovation policies that balance the needs of innovators and society. On behalf of Pfizer, Gabriel maintains an active role in industry associations including PhRMA, BIO, Interpat and the US Chamber of Commerce. Gabriel has led Pfizer’s efforts to counteract legal challenges around the world against IP, including in Asia and Latin America. At the same time, Gabriel has worked with WIPO and other organizations to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries of Africa and Latin America. Gabriel received his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Master’s in Biology from Brown University, his law degree from Temple University and is a registered U.S. patent attorney.

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Biotechnological Inventions: Is there a limit?