Since the beginning, the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) has implemented educational projects that allow a better understanding and use of Intellectual Property. Being an academic reference in Latin America, ASIPI does not limit its efforts strictly to the IP branch, but also touches on those spheres of knowledge that are related to it. Our region is rich in workforce, but it has the disadvantage of not knowing the favors that Intellectual Property can offer to start and prosper any type of business. Contrary to popular opinion, IP is not “just for big business.” Although it is true that the most recognized names are supported by expensive brands, complex patents and millionaire marketing plans, they all started at the same point: a simple idea. The main goal of ASIPI EMPRENDE is to teach and demonstrate this, that any idea, any invention can be transformed into a stable company and a business that generates wealth, provided it has the correct support and advice from Intellectual Property.


  • Develop awareness that Intellectual Property is a viable vehicle for entrepreneurship.
  • Assist in promoting entrepreneurial culture in Latin American countries.
  • Collaborate with SMEs so that Intellectual Property becomes a support in the development of their business.
  • Assist in raising awareness of businesses related to Intellectual Property in Latin American countries.
  • Prepare educational initiatives that promote entrepreneurship through Intellectual Property.

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