Grouping and representing those engaged in the attention to matters of Intellectual Property, in the country where they practice, and all individuals wishing to collaborate with the study, dissemination, development and perfection of Intellectual Property law and the standardization of the national systems relating to this matter.


Promoting among American countries the integration of Attorneys, Engineers, Intellectual Property Agents and other professionals involved in Intellectual Property, so that, in their respective countries, they may pursue and achieve the objectives of ASIPI.


Defending the Intellectual Property institutions and the dignity and functions of the professionals in charge of their incorporation and protection.


Collaborating with other entities pursuing the same objectives.


Aiding and encouraging national governments of American countries and the authorities of the inter-government organizations in the study of draft legal provisions in Intellectual Property matters and to address with them the necessary changes to the current systems, to achieve their perfection and standardization with those of other American countries.


Preparing proposals to improve international relations and agreements relating to Intellectual Property which may serve as standards to guide and regulate the protection of such rights in the relations of American countries, both among each other and with other countries of other continents; striving and encouraging that such protection be effective in all countries.


Adopting resolutions regarding the matters set out in the preceding paragraph and, in general, above all those encompassed by its purpose.


Organizing Congresses, Study Sessions and regular seminars providing recommendations and proposing solutions to the matters proposed by its associates, by other organizations and, in particular, by the governments of the American countries.


Promoting professional practices of the highest ethical level, to be observed among its associates.