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    Terms and conditions of the service

    1. ASIPI reserves the right to accept or reject the requested Pro Bono case, without expression of cause.

    2. If the case is accepted, ASIPI will appoint a member of its Association (the “Pro Bono Associate”), who will be responsible for providing the professional services required by the client (hereinafter “Pro Bono Client”), free of charge.

    3. The Pro Bono Client is responsible for covering all the expenses of official fees and incidental costs that arise in the process of providing the service, as well as the routine expenses of document authentication, license formats, document filing, judicial or administrative requests or complaints, notarial or secretarial expenses, translations, technical reports, international or long distance calls, document shipments and travel expenses (when applicable).

    4. For the purposes of the previous paragraph, prior to starting the provision of the service, the Pro Bono Associate will deliver to the Pro Bono Client a budget including the estimated expenses (in accordance with what is mentioned in the previous paragraph) and the approximate dates on which they must be paid by the Pro Bono Client. The Pro Bono Client must accept such budget in order to start the provision of services. This does not imply that different or higher costs cannot be generated, in which case the Pro Bono Associate will previously inform the Pro Bono Client for their due approval.

    5. . The Pro Bono Client understands that in a legal process of any nature, the final result is uncertain and for this reason he accepts that, even in those cases with good chances of success, there is a possibility that the result is not the desired one.

    6. The Pro Bono Client agrees to sign all the documents that are required by ASIPI prior, during and after receiving the corresponding Pro Bono service, including the Services Agreement and the Termination Letter.