ASIPIEDUCA in Puerto Rico

On March 17, María del Pilar Troncoso, President of ASIPI, Elisabeth Siemsen, Vice President of ASIPI, Luis Henriquez, Secretary of ASIPI with the support of Eugenio Torres, Delegate of ASIPI for the United States, conducted a workshop on Intellectual Property for a group of 260 children between 6 and 10 years of public and private schools in Puerto Rico, at the Criollo Center of Science and Technology of the Caribbean, known as C3TC.

Following an interactive dynamic using animated comics, children learned about copyrights, patents and trademarks. The presentations arose many questions and comments from the children.

This activity adds to those others carried out under the current administration by the Committee of Education and our Delegates in Nicaragua Alvaro Malespin and Zayda Cubas, and Jacqueline Moreau in Venezuela.

ASIPIEDUCA will continue with its educational work with the children of the region in benefit of the Intellectual Property rights.

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