The XIX Work Sessions and Administrative Council of ASIPI culminates

ASIPI successfully concluded its last day of the XIX Work Sessions and Administrative Council. The academic agenda of today addressed the interesting and contradictory themes of biotechnologies inventions, proof of use of a trademark and the image of celebrity athletes, which were very well received.

Likewise, ASIPI presented for the first time in a Latin American forum two projects, one in collaboration with INTA – Trademark Impact Study- and another with WIPO, the ‘Inventors Assistance Program’. Both works are pioneers in their area, and were made available to the public for analysis and possible participation.

On the other hand, the Executive Committee held meetings to analyze logistics aspects of the upcoming ASIPI events.

After the arduous program of the day, the participants enjoyed the Closing Dinner held in the Main Auditorium of La Rural. Maria del Pilar Troncoso, President of ASIPI, offered a few words to the attendees and then presented the prizes for the sports activities held in the framework of the Conference. Similarly, Mr. Alvaro Malespin, ASIPI Delegate of Nicaragua, was awarded the recognition for being a winner in the design of the logo for the ASIPIEDUCA project.

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