Seminar in Lima: "Decision 486 - Proposals for Modification"

lima 1On November 3, 2016, the Seminar “Decision 486 – Proposals for Modification” organized by the Inter-American Intellectual Property Association (ASIPI) was held in Lima, under the auspices of the firm Barreda Moller. Ray Meloni, Director of the Division of Distinctive Signs and President of the Distinctive Signs Commission of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property – INDECOPI, participated as speaker and  Carlos Auza, Principal Delegate of ASIPI, was the moderator.

The event, which was attended by 50 members of ASIPI´s national group, began with the words of Carlos Auza highlighting the importance of the dialogue between the public and private sectors to achieve a proposal to modify the Andean Intellectual Property Standard that collects the contributions of the members of ASIPI.

Ray Meloni referred to the various proposals for the modification of the Andean Standard, with special emphasis on the distinctive signs currently negotiated by the member countries of the Andean Community of Nations.

After the presentation of Ray Meloni, members of the Association participated with their questions and comments.

Juli Gutiérrez, Delegate of ASIPI, presented Ray Meloni with the invitation of the Executive Committee to participate in the XIX Work Sessions in Buenos Aires.

Ray Meloni invited the members of the Association to send him their written proposals on the subject.

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