Official visit of ASIPI to WIPO

In order to strengthen relations, activate projects and programs of mutual interest, an ASIPI delegation composed of María del Pilar Troncoso (President), Elisabeth Siemsen (Vice-President 1), Luis Henriquez (Secretary) and Matías Noetinger (Vocal 3) carry out an official visit to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on May 16 and 17.

During two days, they met with WIPO Director General Francis Gurry, Mario Matus, Deputy Director General, Development Sector, Beatriz Amorim-Borher, Director of the Office of Cooperation for Latin America and the Caribbean, Development Sector, John Sandage, Deputy Director General, Patent and Technology Sector, Sherif Saadallah, Executive Director of the WIPO Academy, Development Sector and with Binying Wang, Deputy General Manager, Trademark and Design Sector.

Important projects were identified in which ASIPI and WIPO will work in a coordinated manner for the benefit of Intellectual Property, within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed by these two organizations in 2010.


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