Pronouncements of the Court of Justice of the Andean Community on the Well-known and Renowned Trademark - Resolution of Notoriety of the Pisco Denomination of Origin

1. New parameters to determine the connection between goods and services (specialty principle).
2. Notorious brand and renowned brand, its special protection and its relationship with the figure of cancellation due to lack of use.
3. Criteria for resolving conflicts between an unregistered trade name and a trademark or trademark application.
4. The freedom of expression of consumers and their relationship with the infringement of trademark rights.
5. The new regulation of Prejudicial Interpretations: the possibility of the parties to the internal process to ask questions and request an oral report before the Court of Justice of the Andean Community.
6. Analysis of the declaration of notoriety of the D.O. “PISCO” by the INDECOPI of Peru.
ModeratorMonica Germany
Estudio Olaechea – Perú
Speaker: Gustavo Gómez
Court  of Justice of the Andean Community for Peru
SpeakerRay A. Meloni García
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