Protecting Your Brand Against Counterfeiters

Stacey Kalamaras and Timothy Trainer delivered an engaging presentation entitled “Protecting Your Brand Against Counterfeiters” on October 10th to more than 90 attendees.  The speakers described the global threat of trademark counterfeiting in terms of its value and scope and its negative effects on trademark owners and consumers.  They encouraged trademark owners and legal counsel to develop corporate strategies that rely on a range of legal grounds, e.g., infringement, unfair competition, dilution, organized crime, to attack counterfeiters in the courts.  In addition, the speakers emphasized the fact that having any success in combating counterfeits requires a broad range of actions that include using technology to help authenticate legitimate products, securing product supply chains, and engaging relevant government agencies that have the legal authority to investigate trademark counterfeiting crimes, seize and destroy infringing goods, arrest and prosecute suspects.  They also highlighted the need for trademark owners and legal counsel to monitor domestic legislation and ensure that higher standards of intellectual property are implemented in accordance with trade agreements.  The speakers highlighted a number of seizures from around the world to emphasize that no continent or industry sector is immune from the effects of counterfeit goods as they discussed strategies legal counsel can utilize when developing anticounterfeiting programs.


  • Stacey C. Kalamaras. Founding partner at Kalamaras Law Office
  • Tim Trainer. Founder and President at Global Intellectual Property Strategy Center


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