Schedule ASIPI RIO 2018

SUN Nov-25
9.00 AM

Administrative Council

Delegates, Presidents and Secretaries of the Working Committees, Members, Special Guests.

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel. Room Oceania X.

Dress code: Business Casual


1.00 PM


Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

3.00 PM

Working Committees

Members of the Committees and Special Guests.

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel. Room Oceania X.

Dress code: Business Casual


4.30 PM

Mentorship Program

New ASIPI members, first-time attendees and Mentors.

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel. Room Oceania X.

Dress code: Business Casual


7.30 PM

Opening Ceremony and Cocktail

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel. Convention Center.

MON Nov-26
9.00 AM

Strategic Allies: Entrepreneurship And Intellectual Property

10.30 AM

Coffee Break

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

11.00 AM

Warning! Antitrust Control In Acquisition Of Intangibles

IP rights have become a major target and the driving force behind most M&A activity during the XXI century. Therefore, it is relevant for IP practitioners to understand how IP rights are involved in such processes, how antitrust legislation applies to it and what elements are to be considered beyond the apparently simple “transfer” of the rights. Facing a sales and purchase of intangibles, under any modality, requires a comprehensive analysis.

These processes demand focus, knowledge, creativity and team work with professionals of different areas. The legal counsel work involves from the clearance of rights to the structuring of the IP within the corporate structure and tax planning to the preparation of strategies before any imposed divestment by the antitrust authority. This is a complex, challenging yet interesting field.

Join experienced professionals who have participated in important M&A processes, who will share with us the checklists, does and don’ts of these processes, particularly referred to the antitrust considerations in theory and practice.

12.15 PM

Who owns UGC? Social Media Marketing, Intellectual Property and User Generated Content

The use of user generated content is ubiquitous in marketing today, whether it’s reposting customer reviews, using influencer endorsements, retweeting a celebrity using your product, or running a video or photo contest.

But marketers seeking to solicit and repost UGC must be wary of the potential copyright, trademark and right of publicity issues that may be triggered by their actions—and savvy about how to structure their campaigns to avoid infringement while complying with the IP laws, the rules for the applicable social networks, and relevant marketing laws.

Speakers will discuss how to successfully run social media marketing campaigns using UGC without ending up in IP “jail.”

Richard Doe
Panelist: Diana Arredondo
Amazon – United States


1.30 PM


Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

2.45 PM

Are You Ready To Counsel On Data Privacy?

Information is power! But when referred to personal data one should add “when able to use it legally”. The rules of the game regarding collection, transmission, processing, warehousing and use of personal data are growing more complex and in a greater scope.

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force for the European Union; this regulation is revolutionizing personal data matters worldwide and, as each countries’ domestic laws, it has the objective of providing individuals with more control over their data, introducing new processing, controlling, and transparency and compliance requirements.

Upon evolving regulatory and practical data privacy matters, qualified counseling is an asset. Legal aspects such as use of cookies in websites, processing contracts, trans-border transmission and formats to document informed consent are, along with other various plots, the subject of consultation.

Our panelists will present on relevant and current points of interest on this matter and will make reference to the scope of legal services sought by companies with regards to data privacy.

4.00 PM

Super-Offices: Concentration Of Enforcement Power, Is This A Path?

5.30 PM

End of the Academic Sessions
Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

8.00 PM

Local Law Firms Reception

Place: Le Club Vogue.

Dress code:  Casual


TUE Nov-27
8:00 AM

Sport Activity (GOLF)

Place: Olympic Golf Course.

Golf Free: USD 200 (includes Gree fee, equipment and golf car).

9.30 AM

Workshop No.1: The football business: Lawyers and laws at the center of the field

9.30 AM

Workshop No. 2: Law Firms’ Management

11.00 AM

Coffee Break

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

11.15 AM

Workshop No.3: Monetization of Intellectual Property – Transforming ideas into capital

11.15 AM

Workshop No. 4: Fashion is on fashion

Design, manufacture, marketing and advertising, licensing, distribution and retail sale of garments of all kinds; designers, photographers, editors and writers, salespeople, engineers, chemists, models; This is just a sample of who and what is included within the fashion industry.

This multi-million dollar business is constantly growing and has a global reach and impact, whether it is high fashion or mass fashion. Within the legal world emerged and consolidates a specialization for this industry: the Law of Fashion. Intellectual property is fundamental for this industry, an industry that needs timely, creative and effective advice from professionals in the legal field.

Guided by a recognized expert in Fashion Law, participants will be informed about the essentials of this new legal discipline, will discuss what is covered and will hear from an expert voice, what customers expect from the councils when addressing this Fascinating industry.

The workshop will end with an updated vision of the developments of the Law of Fashion in Latin America.

11.30 AM

Sport Activities

Tennis and Football.  Departure from Hotel at 11:00 AM


  • Tennis – Techset Academy
  • Football – Escola de Futebol do Flamengo

2.00 PM

Networking/ Lunch

Time: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Place: Olympic Golf Club.

WED Nov-28
9.00 AM

Feed The World? Food Security And Intellectual Property

10.15 AM

Coffee Break
Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

10.45 AM

Do you know Alice? Patent Eligibility

It’s been over 4 years since the United States of America Supreme Court of Justice issued the its decision on the Alice Corp. v CLS Bank case (the Alice case). In most of the world, software is not patentable, except for that provided in the Paris Convention with respect to software being an element within a patentable hardware.

The Alice decision refers that abstract ideas are not patent-eligible and that implementing such claims utilizing a computer was not enough to transform that idea into subject matter entitled to patent protection, without specifying –in the opinion of some of the decision’s critics- what would make it patent eligible, since the Court limited its decision indicating that something “significantly more” shall concurred.

Notwithstanding the jurisdiction in which the decision was issued, the Alice case provokes questioning if, before the technological advances we are living, isn’t it time to review the way to stimulate innovation hand to hand with software and determine if rules that were defined in the XIX and XX centuries shouldn’t be adapted to the XXI century informatics’ development.

Panelists will debate on the Alice decision’s criteria, the impact it has had, new decisions that seem to have softened such impact and further, where should the efforts focus in order to provide balance and legal certainty when referring to software protection.

12.00 PM

Trademarks in a Rush

On your marks, get set, go!!! Hopefully all trademark processes had that sequence and at an appropriate pace. Due to the nature and dynamics of certain businesses, many times it happens that the In-House IP team may be brought on the race at the “go” moment. When these high pressure projects show up, trademarks are in a rush and In-House IP teams need to count with a solid network to appropriately support their work and help shape up the best possible strategy.

Speed and time become critic together with an experienced and qualified opinion. Join our panelists in a discussion on what is expected and needed from the outside counsel when trademarks are in a rush; the importance of robust searches within the limited timeframe to conduct them; timely problem identification and risk assessment; clear and thorough response to the “what if?”.

It is a matter of confidence, since the local counsel becomes the In-House team’s eyes for each domestic market.

1.15 PM


Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

2.30 PM

Artificial Intelligence – What’s Next?
Myrtha Hurtado
Myrtha Hurtado
Novartis Internacional AG – Switzerland


3.45 PM

End of the academic sessions

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel.

4.00 PM

General Assembly

ASIPI members Only.

Place: Windsor Oceanico Hotel, Room Europa IV

8.30 PM

Closing Dinner

Place: Tribunas do Jockey Club

Dress Code: Black tie



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Barra da Tijuca received the 2016 Olympic Games.

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